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Come build your board Course – 2nd. round.

Tripping with brother Lewis

Roaming the corners of the holy land with the Dasilva family and friends, tahini seemed to be the theme for the trip and we couldn’t be more stoked! From chilled sessions in the olive gardens, surfing the forest roads, speed wobbling narrow chicanes in the north or wheel melting slides in the desert, we explored it all, laughed, loved and shared stories. A perfect skatecation.

New mixtape – ‘ Morning List ‘

New Mixtape ‘ Morning List ‘ is up for your listening pleasure.

A Dirty winters weekend with brother Lewis & friends

With most great hills the best part of a two hour drive away, we loaded up for a full weekends skating

and sleeping in the wild.

The first spot’s session killer arrived trying to battle the damp cold conditions we’d faced after a good

few hours of ripping and gripping sweepers and kinks.

truck rising on a wet session
A new hill and its finder Jed Chapman get acquainted

A new hill and its finder Jed Chapman get acquainted

Hermione re-gaining grip on the off camber hairpin with the Dasilva Astrals

Hermione re-gaining grip on the off camber hairpin with the Dasilva Astrals

Breakfast in the semi abandoned building (Bothie) that we took shelter in after a long walk by head

torch up a mountain and into the wilderness


Grip runs in the winter’s sun.

Grip runs in the winter’s sun

* Photos by Skate To Escape

Desert Hippies


Roaming the desert in search of paved glory. Circa 2012. Desert nights with bonfire and star filled skies and dawn patrol sessions make for a bitchin’ trip

Dasilva Roots Collection Uppa the aire

Sun is shining the weather is sweet! and with it comes a completely new board – the DUKE – the first of our all new Dasilva Roots Collection. The Roots Collection is our way to get back to the basics, where it all started. Late night parking sessions with dumb smiles and glassy eyes, cruising bare footed to the beach, learning slides or cross-steps. Good times without a hint of seriousness, skateboarding stripped down to its roots. First of the collection is the Duke – our take on the classic Pintail with a modern tech twist. Mellow concave, a little rocker and medium flex, make the Duke a great commuter, cruiser and all around fun board. Constructed of a Finnish Birch core wrapped in multi-axial fiberglass, it is incredibly light and snappy. Wether you’re a veteran racer, primo dancer or it’s your first time on board, we guarantee you won’t be able to keep the smile off you face.
Length: 37”, Width: 9”, WheelBase: 24”

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The invitation

Every now and then we get the pleasure of going roaming along with a couple of cameras and a bag of stoke.
Recently we went on a 4 day expedition through our backcountry, searching for fresh pavement and new horizons. The journey was of the finest we’ve done yet and was skillfully documented by our brothers Amit Schwacht &Tom Goldwasser .
Sit back, push HD and enjoy the magic of our land.

directed and edited by Amit Schwacht ; Make It Awesome
DOP by Tom Goldwasser
Our crew – Ben Kaufman, Alon Meiri , Vlady DoneTski and Tom Goldwasser
words by Oriah Moutain Dreamer
aerial shooting by Michael Hermon
Narration by Chen Ravid
sound by Sidney T Stakkato

Spring Sessions with our local familia

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